CTL (CINIF TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED) has strategic business alliances for broad spectrum of products and services which allows us to offer most cost effective solutions to the customers. We provide business and Telecom solutions. In order to serve our existing customers, we have support service arrangements in various cities across the country. CINIF Technologies established in 2009 and recently company becomes a Public Limited Registered under the Companies Act, 2013. [Pursuant to sub-section (2) of section 7 of the Companies Act, 2013 and rule 8 of the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014].

CTL is one of the world’s leading communication service providers. Focused primarily on the telecommunication's industry, Cinif Technologies Limited is a leading global systems integrator and business transformation consulting group.

We aim at raising standard of professionalism within the training industry and creating standards of excellence against which candidates are measured. Network Management Services training programs are continuously striving for the excellence education, training and development in the field of telecom technology. Our development team has range of knowledge and experience and always completes project in time. The company employed experienced, hard working responsible professional in different areas of knowledge.

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C I N I F  Group of Companies has over 07 years combined experience. Each and every project is clean cut, professional and overseen from start to finish.


Top quality service is a necessity for excellent business. A concept must be embraced in order

to fully manifest into a masterpiece. Each step must be planned out and carefully executed.

In CTL task is only complete when absolute satisfaction is reached. Every project that is rendered or composed is guaranteed to exceed all expectations when presented to a client.

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Our focus is to deliver a world class customer experience, while ensuring the quality of our services and maintaining a cost efficient structure.

CTL is an Company with a global strategy, but wherever we ­operate we act as a local company.




  • To emerge as a preferred partner of Telecom service providers, by offering end-to-end solutions, through services that meet faithful standards. 
  • To aid the growth of the industry by providing world class services.
  • To deliver solutions covering the entire value chain of the telecom industry.
  • To deliver highest returns to stakeholders through timely delivery and efficient management.
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